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Get ready to ride a puffy cloud with us to Paradise Plaza! The cutest destination filled with all the positivity and warmth of a tropical vacation! Enjoy soothing vocals and let tofuku guide you on this posi-pop upbeat journey around hyper melodies and bouncy subs. You won't forget your visit to Paradise Plaza anytime soon!

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Vocals: tofuku

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Have you ever wanted to float away
on a puffy cloud gliding over a bay
friendly faces down below
dancing flowers, lovely glow
breezy day, we sway and sway
cloud baby let's fly away

Okay, so
I want you to picture this
a pretty place, and you're my pretty face
and just a little bit of bliss

The sky looks so blue today
I couldn't think of a better chance to say
that I wanna go play with you on an island
or maybe go and see what's behind it

I never knew that my life could see
even a tiny droplet of this feeling so free
splish splash, and everyone laughs
it can't be captured in a photograph

Come celebrate
everything we create
and promise me that we'll always sing

la la la, la la la la la (x8)

I want to float on a cloud with you
for a long time, so please come and stay awhile


released February 14, 2017

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Album Art:
Special thanks and honorable mentions to:
Derek for the amazing animated album art!
Anthony of @grazcore for the awesome landing page he coded by hand!
Hector of @the-medic-droid-official for his ears and talent on this track!
Stormy of @atdawnwerage for his skills, support and guidance!



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Blood Code Seattle, Washington

TL;DR — I make EDM with retro video game systems like the GameBoy!

Good afternoon and lucky you! You have uncovered something strange and beautiful.

Most of the sounds you will hear on his tracks are crafted from old GameBoy, Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64 systems using specially modded cartridges that allow him to tap their sound chip synthesis.
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