Neon City feat. moistbreezy

by Blood Code



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As the world of today slipped into the future, multinational corporations grew in size and profit. They came into positions to own small countries and to exercise direct influence over the world's governments. They practically became the world 's governments, undemocratically controlling the lives of people through commerce.

These corporations became known as Megacorps. One of the Megacorps, a European one, invented the CHIP. A device that is inserted into the neck and stimulates the brain stem to alter a persons perception of the outside world. The CHIP numbs a person's senses to the misery and squalor around them better than any drug and sold millions around the world. It could convince a user that the sun shone when it was raining and that they were more beautiful than they really were.

The CHIP, like some drugs, also made the user open to auto-suggestion, allowing them to be manipulated by the Megacorps. The CHIP became a perfect tool for the Megacorps to manipulating the populace and to gain power with. It didn't take long before the Megacorps were corrupted and became crime Syndicates, fighting amongst each other for monopoly over CHIP manufacturing and control over the world.
(From the game Syndicate on SEGA Genesis)


The parallels in the above game plot compared to today’s economic, political and environmental climates are uncanny. Thinking about the CHIP as our very real and emerging developed tools for augmenting reality around us is the same escape. Albeit less mind-control as the above science fiction, the seed for persuasion and escapism is still there. Don’t lose yourself to a digital persona and playground.



Neon city
never sleeps
was it real
or in your dreams

Riding fire
through your sights
why’d you smile
when we would fight

I know you know
so call your bluff
this girl in leather’s
not enough

We can’t look back
what’s done is done
now there’s nothing left
but us

La la la lala lala

Love me love me love me like
Love me love me love me like

you’ll be the one
to read the signs
I feel the rush
it’s pulling me to night
and for the sun
we left behind
for all we seek in fear
is out of sight

La la la lala lala

Love me love me love me like
Love me love me love me like

All that time
left me so low
you stole my highs
said “gotta go”

Roll the dice
give chance a go
if it’s goodbye
I gotta know

Thought you were gone
but now we’re back
stuck in this loop
you’ll see the cracks

I hate that you
are just my type
let’s play the game
take back the night


released July 13, 2017
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Most of the sounds you will hear on his tracks are crafted from old GameBoy, Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64 systems using specially modded cartridges that allow him to tap their sound chip synthesis.
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